GearTrax 2003.1

Creates and modifies models of drive components
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Work with design projects for components of drive systems of vehicles. The utility displays spur/helical gear mesh and provides multiple tools for adjusting their sizes and functionality to achieve stable results and enable safe integration with the larger systems.

GearTrax™ is intuitively easy to use for the designer with limited gear experience yet powerful enough for the gear expert.
The animation window shows the spur/helical gear mesh which updates as the data is changed. It is extremely useful in understanding how changes to the gear parameters reflects on the gear mesh.

GearTrax™ is more than a library program. Each part model is created with it's specific requirements just as a designer would, but rather than taking hours or days, the part is created in seconds.

GearTrax creates solid models of spur and helical gears, bevel gears, worm gears, involute splines, timing belt pulleys, chain sprockets and V-belt pulleys. GearTrax™ also integrates with Excel to create data sheets.

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